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Two hours course



If you feel like  one and a half hours may not be enough,

you can attend two hour course(+¥ 1,100 per person).

* Please note that unlike normal times, it will be twice, 9: 30– and 12: 30 ~.

* We do not accept reservations other than our reservation form and telephone.

1. Relaxing experience

Because it starts 30 minutes earlier than the usual one and a half hour course,

You can take your tim.

You can choose glasses and patterns slowly,

Of course, it is also possible to apply more patterns than usual.


3. Glass photography

You can shoot glasses in regular classes, but

You can also select the following as options here.

1. Rental a rotary table

By placing the glass on a rotary table

Like the video below

You can shoot the entire glass.

2. Shooting with a blue back

Normally, white and black are available as the background, but

Blue is also available.

* The following video is a product, not a sample of workshop.

If you have any other requests

Please feel free to contact us.


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