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Lecture + Workshop

A course on the history of Kiriko and an workshop course.

The history of cut glass from around the world and Edo Kiriko glass, etc.

We will guide you according to your interests .



U18. ¥6,600

You can choose a glass from 6 types of clear glass for the basic price above.

For colored glass, the price is ¥990-¥2,774​.

You can choose your glass on the day.


Weekend / Weekday
9:45 12:30

Due to the fact that the course will be held before the trial,

please book 9:45 for the 10:15 slot and 12:30 for the 13:00 slot.

If you would like to come at a time other than the above, please contact us.

After 18:00, the price will be 1,100 yen higher.

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