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Make a Gift

1. Gift box

Pair boxes or single boxes are available(¥ 550-).

dolphin dance_blue gift box a square.jpg
Dolphin Dance Two Boxes Square.jpg

2. Engravin

You can put initials or messages on the glass.

Since you need to select the glass and letters beforehand,

Please contact 8 business days earlier than the date you book.

In addition to the samples below, we have many fonts.


3. Record the memory


You can take pictures or vides during the workshop.

If you contact us in advance, we can rent a tripod for your smartphone.

If you would like to attend the workshop without other atendees,

you can occupy the  room with ¥19,800 (including the participation fee).

 In this case, up to 6 people can attend.

Edit_Experience Glass Selection.jpg

4. Shipping

You can take your work home on the day.

If you would like to send the glass to your home or a hotel,

​please let us know.

Edit_bags and boxes.jpg
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