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History and Present of

Cutting Glass


Glass cutting methods were introduced to Japan from Europe.

How did these skills spread across Japan, and how is it different from European glass cutting methods?

We, at Sokichi, a professional glass selling company, will share the knowledge we have cultivated by handling and manufacturing glass.


You can get glass carved by our artisans at the end of our class (as seen in the example photo). 




Adults: ¥ 7,700 

U18: ¥ 6,600

School: ¥ 6,000


Weekdays: 10:15 13:00 15:00
Holidays: 8:30 10:15 13:00 15:00 16:45

90 minutes each time
* Please contact us for times other than the above.


What to bring: None

Number of participants: 2 to 8

Supported languages: Japanese, English


Age: 9 years old ~


Online classes are also available.

* There is no maximum number of participants for online events.

*You will be charged for each screen.




大人: ¥7,700

U18 : ¥6,600


平日: 9:45 12:30
休日: 9:45 12:30






催行人数: 1名~12

対応言語: 日本語、英語


対象年齢: 9歳〜



Content example
・ What is the origin of cut glass?
・ Tools and methods for cut glasses ・ What is the difference between Western and Japanese cut glasses?
・ What is a colored glass?
・ What is the difference between now and old Kiriko? ......

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