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​Making gifts

​The Souyoshi Kiriko Experience Class can be used for many situations, such as gifts for parents at weddings and gifts for families on Respect for the Aged Day.


​Give a gift certificate

​We sell gift certificates that allow you to participate in the Souyoshi Kiriko experience class.

List of shops where you can bring your own glasses

Glasses made in the Souyoshi Kiriko experience class

It is a list of stores that you can bring.

Some shops have a free service!


Kimono rental collaboration

Rent a kimono and enjoy the Kiriko experience!

​Support free research!

​The Souyoshi Kiriko Experience Class supports children's independent studies. We will hand out materials that summarize the history and characteristics of Edo Kiriko to children who have experienced it.


2 hour course

For customers who may not have enough time, we offer a 2-hour course.

There are also benefits that can only be selected in the 2-hour course.

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