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Kiriko Workshop

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Wide variety of glasses and patterns
Make your own original glass

Choose your favorite from over a dozen types of glasses and

numerous pattern samples to create your very own original glass,

unique in the world.

You can cut the glass using Japanese traditional Kiriko technique under the guidance of an instructor, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience even for beginners.

Perfect for a weekend activity, company recreation, or creating lasting memories on your travels.



Number of people : 1~36

*The maximum number of people in one room is 12 and there are 3 rooms

You should be more than 10 years old to take part in.

Things to bring:Hair band, eye glasses *if you need



We have three courses for the workshop.

​Please click the buttons below for the details.


You can choose one from six types of transparent glass.

Additional fees for colored glasses are ¥990-¥2,774.

You can choose your glass on the day.

Please contact us if you would like to reserve a glass.

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There is a wide range of pattern designs, from simple to complex, all of which are suitable for beginners.

Please see here for a sample.

What's Kiriko?

In Japan, cut glasses are called “Kiriko”.

There are several kinds of Kiriko, but all of them were started at the end of the Edo Period, which is during national isolation, by imitating few European glass products imported to Japan during that period.

In the Edo Period, Edo Kiriko was clear glasses cut with the designs of Japanese traditional patterns used in textile or interior decorations, which made Edo Kiriko culture of the Edo Period.

The simple beauty of designs and clear, deep cuts attracted people in the Edo period.

At that time, glasses had been cut with a carving knife by hand,which takes the entire day.

In the present Era, glasses are cut by a wheel run by machines, but the inherited technique and tradition remain until today.  Today many craftsman have been working on cutting Kiriko glasses in Tokyo.

Nowadays the demand of Edo Kiriko as a gift has been rising, so the number of high quality glasses with colors is increasing. 

Variation of designs and techniques by each craftsman have been diverse and more and more beautiful and graceful glasses have been created.

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